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AeroFox H7a Flight Controller

High-performance open-source autopilot with triple-redundancy IMU, vibration dampening, and compatibility with ArduPilot and PX4 firmware.

15/50/150/150km (Pre-Launch) transmission distance, 800M/1.4G/2.4G/freely configurable dual LAN ports

Integrated module including air speedometer and compass module, which can be used to avoid interference of motors or batteries to compass

Designed to provide reliable and accurate positioning information for drones and VTOLs.

Reliable Technical Support

Quality Assurance

Personalized Solutions

AEROFOX CAN Isolation Power Module

AEROFOX CAN lsolation Power Module is designed to elevate your drone’s performance and safety to new heights.

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About Us

AEROFOX is an advanced technology company dedicated to the research, development, and manufacturing of intelligent control systems for UAVs. We have an independent product line that provides high-performance, reliable, and innovative intelligent control system products.