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AEROFOX V-Link Long-Range Video/Data Transmission System

EROFOX V-Link is a point-to-point/point-to-multipoint video&data transmission system designed for industrial UAVs, featuring 15km/30km/150km (Pre-Launch) long transmission distance, strong anti-interference ability, low latency and low power consumption. By point-to-multipoint transmission, it forms star network by connecting up to 10 hosts to a central hub. Star networking function allows the operator to control a few UAVs and receive the videos at the same time.


Power Input: 12-60V
Transmission Distance: 15km/30km/150km (Pre-Launch)
Working Frequency: 800MHz/1.4G/2.4G
Working Mode: Point-To-Point/Point-To-Multipoint
Weight: 64g
Dimension: 67x50x12mm

video datalink long star video