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AEROFOX CAN F9P Positioning Module

The CAN F9P high-precision GNSS module is designed to provide reliable and accurate positioning information for drones and VTOLs, perfect compatible with PX4/ArduPilot, HEX and CUAV series flight contollers.
The CAN F9P module adopts UAV CAN/DRONE CAN bus protocol, which minimizes interference from other electronic systems, leading to better signal quality and fewer data dropouts; CAN protocol supports long-distance transmission, making it ideal for use in large-scale applications such as precision agriculture or surveying. The NTF LED of the F9P module provides real-time feedback on the flight controller’s performance, indicating the flight controller’s status at a glance.
Whether you are working in precision agriculture, surveying, or other industries that demand highly accurate positioning, the CAN F9P module is the ideal choice.